Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Lads..Max & Bill

Hey BJ here are the boys!! Showing a little more age but doing well over all. With all the snow the legs are nice and white. Have not had them hitched this winter. Max's back legs are not the best so those days I guess are over. We have a neighbor with Percherons so we head over there for sleigh rides and adventures. Let the younger folks deal with the young energic Nice to be able to just stand back and watch.

Picked out some fabric from my stash to make a scrappy is the preview of what I am playing with. Anything to get rid of some of this of course then buy more. Never


Bunny said...

Oh wow Judi I love the photo of the boys they look pretty good in spite of their age. And your scrap quilt will be wonderful you made some nice choices in fabric, can't wait to see it finished ;) Bunny:o)

BJ Reed said...

Judi, thanks for showing the boys, they are BEAUTIFUL and against the snow!
Hey Bunny plans for riding?

longboat said...

Ya know, you guys are way way too much. Your work is fantastic and I just don't know how you do it. It is all soooo professional. One day when I grow up, I just want to be like you.
Now for Bunny, holy cow Judy, I now want to jump under the covers. Throw away any pictures I sent you of my projects!!!!!
Love your blog....maybe one day????

longboat said...

Sorry Judi...I know it's Judi with an "i".....I was just too taken in with your work!