Monday, February 11, 2008

Miss Purr

This sweet little gal is a fantastic mouser..and an awesome Mom to her kitten/cat Mackie. (The rest of the litter went to amazing loving homes. We had to fight to keep Mackie from being adopted..but hey people it is about the mice) Needless to say Miss Purr is a barn cat. Now many barn cats do not live in a heated tack room. They keep us in stitches..what a pair. Mackie loves to do chores with me following me everywhere..while Miss Purr likes to wander in search of mice. Both race around in complete freedom enjoying life..what a!!
So cute on the cold mornings when I open the Tack Room door..out they race..ready to take on the world ...cold feet, cold feet..and twisting in the air..back to there heated room...and there beds in a nice warm window. Its ok Jude..we will see ya at lunch when it is warmer..shut the door on your way out will ya!!!

This is Miss Purr in my car..oh we do so love those heated Please do not flexs those claws on the leather seats. Geesh I knew we should have gone for cloth.

Still working on the quilt..Mom's satin top..well it is waiting for me. I know just do it..!!! Another one of those Bunny comments ringing in the back of my mind!!! She is right. Maybe should send the darn thing to her. LOL>>lol.

Keep warm everyone in Ontario..cold and now more snow on the way. Even the boys are in the barn for most of the day. Will let them out for a few hours but even horses do not need this stuff for to long. ( well at least mine don't )

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Bunny said...

That satin top is not going to get finished looking at it Judi. LOL JUST DO IT LOL Bunny:)