Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Warm!!

Checked the temp on the deck yesterday..105F..oh ya!! to warm for me. The horses are inside with fans during the day. The old boys love it (Clyde's)

I went in early this morning to get my hair done. In this heat I was more than happy to get some cut off..lol. Feels great. So today when I got home I check the temp..and it is a cool 100...lol!!

As I was leaving town I heard on the radio and did see on my way home a 4 alarm fire in some old row housing. Oh think of those poor firemen. Sure hope they manage to get it under control fast. Not the day for the guys to have to deal with a big fire like that. Can not imagine how horrible that must be for them. Poor families that have lost there homes..very sad!!

I have not taken many pictures so nothing to post today. Just wanted drop in and post a whinny hello to everyone out there. Hopefully will have something more intersting tomorrow.

Keep cool..off to get a nice cool drink.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ya!!
Hot here in Ne Pa. too!! Hotter tomorrow.... Will be glad to see it cool off this weekend!
Stay cool!

Delighted Hands said...

One nice affect of the hurricane season is bringing us some relief from our heat-just perfection around here! Hope you can weather the heat okay!

Jackie said...

You're warmer than we are! We've been getting rain though and it's made the weather much more tolerable than normal. We'll have our a/c on through Christmas though!