Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feed Time??

It is all about the groceries. Murphy has been a wonderful addition to our lives. Full of personality with such a calm way about him. This summer has been so hard on the horses. Between the heat, heavy rain and the flies. Never before have we had to have fly masks on the horses for 90% of the summer. Check out the mud..omg!! We have to get the tractor and clean all that out and put down a nice cushion of sand. Another job!!! What we really need is more days to the week.

With the cooler weather comes more riding. The 3 girls took the horses out for a ride the other evening and had a great time. Horses nice and calm..nothing bugging them. With school the riding will be only a few times a week but that is ok. Elaine has on her back pack with a set of bells hanging down..just in case a bear wanders in there area. Several people have seen one but always early in the morning. Bears are one thing that will spook a horse into next week!!!!! Not something I want the girls to deal with. Seems like there is always somthing to think about when going for a simple ride!!

We have had so many tourists from a resort down the road drop in to see the animals. Dusty Miller is a favorite of them all. His picture has been taken by young and old alike. Such a sweet boy with tons of personality. This is his seat and don't anyone forget it..lol.

Off to deal with a back log of housework after a busy weekend.

Enjoy the day!!


Jackie said...

I'm 100% certain I'd not want to come across a bear - on a horse or not!

Delighted Hands said...

Lovely shots of the horses...glad they like the break in weather , too!