Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello August

Yes August is well on its way and September feels so close. Can't wait to see the fall colors. I know, I guess I should not be that way but I have had enough of the summer heat and humidity. Most kids I talk to are excited about going back to school. Just wait we will all be complaining about the cold soon

I have been pitching more "stuff". The only trouble with that is the mess you make while doing What a great feeling to see storage tubs empty!! Now I have more room for more

Our kitten Molly has been entertaining us!! The other cat and dog hate every minute of it. Kally and Marmalade are just plain not amused with her antics. On the other hand hubby and I are having a ball with her. Actually we don't have to do anything she just does her thing. We have her coming to her treats as soon as you say the word or she hears someone near the can. What a laugh. Between 2 cats and one dog sliding into place for there have to laugh..period.

Our friends have gone back to Thailand. ALways hate to see them leave. He will spend a week in Thailand then head off to work in Nigeria. Not the safest place in the world to work but they are well looked after. She stays in Thailand during the time he is away. It will be a year before we have a visit with her again. I can't blame her..she is not interested in a Canadian We had a last feast before they left..oh my!!! Hubby gets to take over the kitchen again. Our days of being spoiled are over..boohoo!!

Last week my friend Ann and I went to Kinmount a small community north of us. A new Quilt Store had opened yippee! It is called The Quilter's Inn. They specialize in Quilting Retreats as well as regular classes. What a wonderful adventure. Lots of tempting fabric..large class room..great classes coming up this fall. Love it!! Of course I did sign up for a I had my camera with me and never even thought to take pictures..another time.

Here is a picture of a Friesain stud colt that a friend he not one proud little fella. He still has to grow into Oh how I wish I was younger and could have him. I guess I am smart enough to know that..but ..boohoo!!

Well off to the barn to tend to my own. Cooler today and a nice breeze so hopefully the flies are not bothering them to badly today. It has been just brutal around them.



Marilyn said...

What a beautiful colt!!
I know I will be complaining about the cold northeast winter but after all the heat & humidity a sweater & wool socks sounds nice!!
Have a Great Week!

Delighted Hands said...

Hate the mess of cleaning out but sure do love the results-enjoy. This colt is a beauty!