Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm back..and Here is Molly!!

Hi..sorry I have been MIA(Missing in Action)there has been so much going on around here. I pretty much colapse at the end of the day.

I have to admit the heat has really bothered me this year. Arthritis plus angina is not fun but thank heavens for the animals they keep me focused on there care. We also have a dear friend with cancer that has had a terrible time with her chemo treatments. Watching her has made any of us who know her... go is not bad is it!!!

As many of you know we were so sad when our little Fuzzy cat had to leave us. Marmalade our other cat wandered around here crying for hours at a time looking for him. Just broke my heart to see. Well I guess that should not be my excuse but it sounds good to is "Molly"

You see it went like this. I had to get new tires on the truck. While waiting with my friend Gail..yes I am naming her..because she is not in the clear on The thing is the Humane Society is across the road. What were we to do ..just sit there..I don't think so. The previous nite had been so sad listening to Marmie. I did really well til I got to the last room..and there she was the cutest Calico with awesome personality purring and waving her paw at me. Deadly combo..!! Had to bring her home. Molly has taken over the house. Marmie has decided she likes her and the dog (Kally) plays with her. Those 2 chase each other around the house..hilarious. Still a huge empty place in our lives with the Fuzzy man gone..but his little personality will never be replaced or forgotten. Today Molly got another shot at the Vets and a clean bill of health so she is here to stay.

With the weather so hot I have been spending a lot of time with the horses. The clydes and our old Welsh pony come in during the day time heat and out for the nite. Sure hope this weather goes back to what we are used to soon. UGH!!!I keep saying anytime we are near the 30C or the -30C my love of horses is really put to the Thank heavens I have help and I sure do appreciate it when it gets that bad.

I just got back my Scottish Quilt from Kim. She did an amazing job quilting it for tomorrow I will post a picture of it. Enough for one day.

Hope your all keeping cool. From reading your blogs I am not alone in my

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Delighted Hands said...

Oh, she IS a keeper! No, she won't replace the spot from your last cat but she will help to fill it-trust me, I know. Nice to have you back!