Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sewing Day

Had a great visit with the gals during sewing day in Burnt River. Another jacket being mapped out. Hope to get pictures the next time we meet. All in denim ..looking great.

Was working in the sewing room around 7:30pm when the door bell rang. WELL that does not happen around here often so Kally ..the cats and I jumped. It was our neighours with a visitor from the west wanting to park his tractor/trailor in our yard. Hey no problem but don't scare me to Called Rod to say hello...everyone is going to think you have changed Not sure how long it is going to sit there but I would imagine it will be gone sometime today. Don't care ..he is welcome to leave it there. Lots of yard

Not sure if I am ever going to get to the final put together stage with this quilt..I keep sewing and there is always more stages to do. Oh boy do I like what I am seeing so far.

In the middle of another snow fall. Windy so not sure if the guys will go out early or not. Heading to the barn. Have a great day everyone..see ya!

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swooze said...

Gosh they are lucky you came to the door. If I don't know someone is coming I don't open the door.