Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warm Weather

Oh this is wonderful. Finally some days of melting snow. It is supposed to rain most of the day so that will make a big difference. Last nite I could hear the snow rolling off the roof (steel roof) so much for sleep but I sure did not

May 4th and June 5th have pictures of the kittens of last spring. Here are the 2 stars..Tippy(fuzzy one) and Bruiser who was always climbing out of his container. Bru is just adorable and one very big male. Tippy is a hoot..she climbs straight up anything and everything. I don't think it would be dull having her in a home. She is so loveable never mind her mountain climbing Just found out this weekend that she is expecting..doesn't she look I am going to have her fixed after this litter. They are barn cats and the money spent does not bother me..but oh the heart break when you have another one die. Just last spring we had our male neutered and the week after he came home he got hit by a car. For 18 years we had 2 barn cats that never went near the road..ever since they died it has been one accident after another. A month ago our dear Purr Purr the mother of this litter had to be put down. She had been hit by a was her time, we did not want her to suffer. What a heart break. Lets hope these guys stick close to home. We need cats..or the mice will take over! They sure are not treated like barn cats!!!

I have been working away on my quilt and a few other projects. I rearranged things so my cutting table is in the room as well..makes a big difference having it back in there. Not a lot of room..but it works for me. What more can a gal ask for..TV..Laptop..and machines. Got it Just have to come out for food once and

Today I have to head to the city so no sewing happening here. Have a great day.

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