Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mojo Back

Well it was different..have no idea why it happened but it was an odd week. Have not felt that way in a long time. I really did not care about sewing at all. Whew glad "that" is over. Scarey

I have the frame up and have been playing with it. Lots of little things have to be worked on but I am hooked..this is going to be fun. I sure can understand about cats and quilt frames..Oh My..they think it is there play ground. Nothing is sacred, they want to play with everything. Sure hope they find some other hobby soon. Maybe they will get bored with it..ya!! think??

Rod's quilt is all cut out and I am working on it. It is going to be the colours. This week is a little hectic with appointments but hopefully I will have time to get some blocks done.

This weekend is mild so snow is melting ..yippee. No major storms in the forcast. Oh boy lets hope we don't see any major weather patterns for awhile.

Will post some pictures tomorrow. Nite...