Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunny Days

Gotta love these sunny days. Cold but that is ok. Lots of ice everywhere. The lads are stepping carefully around there paddock. They have at least 1/2 of there area that looks like a skating rink.
Rod managed to get home for only one day again this week. It was a busy time getting his uniforms ready for him to head out again along with our barn chores. Not sure how long this spell will last at work but we are not going to complain.
Went over to visit with my Mom a lovely Birthday Card from her. I took her over some of my cake..just not able to gobble down the sweet stuff like I used Several phone calls and visitors for the day finished off another Birthday. Boy the years are going faster.
My poor son-in-law broke his leg in 3 places this weekend. He is in a lot of pain and had sugery yesterday. Lets hope today is a better day for him. Going to be a long recovery from what I am told. 10-12 weeks in a non walking cast..had a 16 inch steel rod put in. Poor guy!!Ugh!! Snowmobiling accident..he is lucky to still be here.
Off to let the horses out and on to some sewing today. It is Family Day in Ontario so a lot of stores are closed so sticking close to home today.
Enjoy the day!!

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Delighted Hands said...

Belated happy birthday! Hope the son-in-law recovers quickly. Have a good sewing day!