Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confusing Week

There is nothing worse than being sick while on the road. Poor hubby got food poisoning while travelling in the USA. (it was the shrimp at a buffet..ugh!) We finally got him in a hospital but he was so dehydrated it took awhile to convince him he was sick enough to go. It is so difficult when your dealing with such a distance. He is home now and will take time to build up after that experience. Needless to say no sewing happening around here.

The snow has been going with all this warm weather. More rain coming this afternoon. Does not hurt my feelings. I have had enough of winter. This years Sleigh Ride was a wagon ride. We got a few pictures but it was not a pleasant day. Just at the end of the ride the skys opened up. Did not go on the ride hubby was still pretty weak. That was the one weekend we had wanted snow..lol

Enjoy the day!!