Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hard Work

I had to post this picture from a few years ago. THIS is winter..not what we have now. No sleigh rides this year so far. I know it can change very quickly..and hopefully we can get out and have some fun this year. This lovely team belong to our neighor..fantastic horses.

As I mentioned in my last post we don't have much snow but we do have lots of ice covering our pastures and the small paddocks. Poor horses are so frustrated with not getting out. So yesterday my wonderful friend that boards her horses with us came and we spread the good stuff there stalls on the ice. Shoot me..I was in bed by 6pm.last night we got it done. Boy was I sore and feeling my age!!! But seeing the horses out today made it al worth it. Sure enough today we were able to put the horses out in rotation in our small paddocs. We had some very happy horses.

So tonite we got them all in and bedded down to come home and see on my computer screen.....we are under a FREEZING RAIN WARNING...boohoo..again.Ugh!!!

So considering the forcast I thought for tomorrow I would do some baking for the freezer. This of course means getting down one of the old scales we have. Rod's Dad was a baker and so was Rod so we have recipies in large amounts lol..The reason for our collection of scales. It may end up with hubby doing the baking...I usually stick to the smaller recipies but we will see how brave I get. One of the best new toys we got is our Kitchen Aid..oh do we love that lovely red beauty sitting in its corner. It sure does a great job when we make our Christmas Cakes..Again this year we baked over 50lbs of cake!!!!Some years we have doubled that..ugh..big job..but

End of another day..Keep Well


Delighted Hands said...

Ice is nasty but it has to be easier not to have to shovel every time you need to get to the barn! The baker's scales are very pretty-neat!

Beverly said...

Hi Judi....

Well, looks like a mild weather is being had by all this year. I have to admit, the sound of a sleigh ride sure is romantic!! But not enough to want all that snow! I love your scales...that is my collecting passion. I have scales sitting on every unoccupied space in my kitchen and dining room....always searching for a different kind!