Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slipper Cold Day

What an unusual winter we are having. I just wish we could settle into winter or be done with it. Freezing rain again last nite. When I went out to start the pickup truck the doors were all frozen shut. No point in forcing them it will just damage the rubber. Good neighbors got me to the barn for chores and my brother is taking me up to the barn at lunch. Hopefully the sun this afternoon will get my doors working.

Dear old Gilly who will be 30 this year was happy to get outside yesterday for a short time. In her old age she has gotten fussy. Afternoons will be fine thank She prefers most mornings to stay in her stall. Hey..thats fine with me. She is the last of the original line of Welsh ponies that have lived on this property for many years. Kinda sad really.

Well time to get some work done around here then head out and try that darn old truck again.

Keep warm..and watch your step!!!


Marilyn said...

I am with your pony .... The older I get the fussier I get ! ! LOL!!
We have a weird winter too!! Not much snow but cold... cold... cold!!
Stay Warm !

Delighted Hands said...

Agreed-smart pony! Beautiful winter picture, tho! Hope your truck is running soon-be safe.

Bunny said...

She is just like the rest of us older we get the crankier we are lol.

Jackie said...

I can't imagine living in such cold weather. At least the sun was shining in the picture of your pony!