Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This And That!

What an intersting few days. I looked out the window last week one day and could not see the planters on the front deck!!! White OUT!! Wow!!! Within 10 min. the sun was out...go figure. The horses are not having the best of winters with the ice in the fields..STILL.

Do you love old barns?? Well I do and I hate to see the ones that are falling down with no effort to keep them together. There is that point of no return..and it breaks my heart. Why let it get to that point?? What are people thinking. The new manufactured barns ;have no personality..are cold manufactured looking buildings that leave me empty. With the economy the way it is funding sure is not there. In fact the small farm is in danger never mind the old barns. We are lucky in our area we still have lots of old ones around but again land is being sold to investers and the homes rented out with the barns empty and falling apart in so many cases.

We do have an Amish community that have moved into some of the farms. It is nice to see when a crew arrives to work on fixing up a barn.

Our friend we get our hay from is always working away at doing barn repairs. Every visit for hay I just love looking at the old beams..the old hand made wooden ladders. When the barn is full it is an impressive sight. Not being one for heights..lol...I have never gone up top when it is full. lol. What a relief it is low right now for us to get our hay...lol. Did ya!! see how high that ladder goes..OMG!! In my younger years I helped put hay in and loved every minute of it. Time for the younger ones now to do that. We got our small load of hay and off home we went. Gotta love those visits!!

Well back to some sewing. Hey did you know that there are self threading needles for a sewing machine. My threader is off so I have had a terrible time threading my machine ... as in couldn't..lol. Found some Schmetz Self Threading needles at the CNIB online store. They work Great!!! Handy!!

Enjoy the day!!


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Delighted Hands said...

The needles are a great advantage for you-glad they allow you to sew! The barn is a beauty; glad you are surviving your winter!