Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

So how was your Christmas/New Year celebration? We had a wonderful holiday. Rod came off the road with lots of time to get our last minute running around done. He loves to play cribbage so many games were played with howls of laughter coming from a table full of holiday treats to keep them going during some very loud Now we are all on a huge cutback. It was great while it Not being used to eating such rich food we are wandering around with a dazzed look on our faces!!

It is a New Year and I am back. We have had some difficult times since I last posted. Rod's shoulder is beyond repair so he is working with a physi to try and build up muscle around his tear. It is the best it gets. Now with working his other arm to compensate he is having issues with it. Not fun..but what can you do!!

Then the other health scare. Lumps in one lung. Many tests and trips to the Cancer Clinic and they are not malignant. Whew!!! His Dad died of lung cancer so it brought back a lot of memories. Now he has a CT Scan every 3 months and an interview for 3 years to make sure there are no changes.

I can honestly say THANK HEAVENS for our horses!!!! They keep us grounded. They need us and we need them. Having to go to the barn multiple times a day to feed and clean is our sanity. No matter what is happening you HAVE to get out and look after them. Just walking in the barn to the happy snickers/whinneys/foot stompin makes you smile no matter how your day is. That old saying about what a horse does for your soul is so true.

Our little mini Pepsi picked up a nasty virus a few weeks ago with a fever to go along with it. He is fine after some meds and a tonic to build him up again. He is our comedian so it is not good when he is down and out. Poor little fella was feeling pretty down.

Raz the new Oldenburg mare that our boarder got and her palimino do NOT get along. We have had some dandy issues there and Raz is in a paddock on her own. I think she is used to that and much prefers to be on her own. It is ure is better than the vet bill that our boarder could face if the 2 mares get together again. Under saddle they are a field forget it!!! Guess I did not mention the new mare THAT is a story!! OMG..she is incredible. From Germany..with a story and a mystery that may stay that way. Next time!! Never a dull moment in a

My vision is getting worse. Distance is far. But to sew ect is so difficult. I may have to start selling off some of my sewing goodies and machines. CNIB is coming out to help with some of my daily issues. I love my new IPAD2. As much as I use my desktop I find the IPAD great when relaxing in my chair and wanting to read something on the net or listen to or watch something. Love audible books..they are great!! In my ever changing ways due to my eyes I have decided to start my veggie garden again. I was so busy with sewing ect I had given up the idea of starting it again after my knee surgery. It won't be as big but I think it will be fun to play around with a small one to start with. I used to do a lot fo freezing and bottling before my arthritis. Still won't be able to handle a lot but we will see what the spring brings this year. With these cold temps and talking gardening..oh

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a Wonderful New Year!!

Enjoy the day. I hope to be back on a regular basis. Keep well.


Delighted Hands said...

Well, sorry for hubby's shoulder pain but no cancer makes the pain more bearable! Glad you had a great holiday time!

Linda said...

Happy New Year!
Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.

Bunny said...

So happy that Rod's scare is over and all is well but for his arm. Not fun to have a torn muscle. I know how hard it is for you with your sight, and I know how you loved to stitch. Hopefully things slow down and you are able to do a bit now and then. Hugs