Friday, September 4, 2009

What a Mess!

This spring we noticed that all the shrubs in front of the house were in trouble. I had hoped as the season progressed they would come back. NO!! We had to remove most of them which was a difficult job. Once the men started working they discovered that it was not the weather that had killed the was mice. Mice..can you believe that..!! The shrubs were 15 years old so it was probably time to replace them anyway. With my knees bad I had stopped trimming them back several years ago so they had gotten really thick. I have learned to keep them under control thats for sure. If we have to we will use some mouse bait. A learning experience..and of course $$$


Delighted Hands said...

Who would've thought of mice!?

Bunny said...

Mice oh no those little creatures, now hope they don't move in since you got rid of their home. LOL. Look nice now. Where were those cats when you need them LOL.

Jackie said...

How could you tell it was mice?

We need to redo our landscaping in the next few years. We're definitely going to plant things that do not need to be trimmed up.