Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marley is not impressed!

No she is not impressed with riding in a car after leaving her house in total disorder. She voiced her opinion the entire way up here and is still glaring at anyone and everything. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day for one very upset cat. The girls are sleeping in the bedroom with her tonite so hopefully that helps her Needless to say the dog is just fine and could care less if she is
A picture of her ladyship in her perfect world.

Friday is another day and a busy one. The farrier is coming to trim the little lads Willy and Pepsi. How did 6 weeks go so quickly. This weekend hopefully we can get some work done on the stall for the little filly foals that are arriving next weekend. In the middle of all this we have the usual house/moving stuff going on.

Sewing is still on the back burner. Next Tuesday is our regular day of sewing with the gals. It will be nice to get back to the machine. More news on our project soon.

Here are a few more Bobcaygeon Quilt Show pictures.

The Light House. The picture is not clear but in a way that is can see how much work this was. I wish you all could have seen it in person. Truly a work of art.

Loved this Halloween runner..that time of year again.

You could not come away from this show without being inspired. So many talented people were involved with the show. The vendors were all great and the weather was perfect.


Bunny said...

Cute photo, poor animals all the comotion of moving etc. Hope you will get to your sewing machine soon. I am talked out but going to have a busy week sightseeing etc. LOL. Someday we will be back to normal, our normal whatever that is. LOL

Delighted Hands said...

We have guests coming next week and the cat will be miffed-at least they don't hold a grudge!

Beverly said...

Marley will recover quickly, I am sure. You reminded me....yesterday I was trimming the Littles hooves (I rasp them every two weeks) and Ollie did his usual trick...."lay down on your side with your legs straight out and pretend to be asleep....maybe then she won't bother you!!" These little guys are a scream, aren't they? So, you are adding fillies??? Are you going to breed them?

And.....the pumpkin kitty quilt is adorable! I would love to make that one! Oh, what I wouldn't do for more time!!