Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now the fun begins!

Here is my B-Line..let the fun begin. I have kids for the weekend so it is not the time to try to put this sweetheart together. The table I was planning on using I think is to wide for where I want to work but I will set it up and give it a try. Oh it is so hard to

Just found out a co-worker of hubby's is a new Grampa so time to make up a blanket. Thank heavens I still have some baby panels that are really cute to play with. I think I need more hours in the day.

Looks like rain again be followed with more rain tomorrow..enough already. If anyone has the time check out Sawdust and Cowpies that is rain..poor Missouri is really getting hammered. The pictures on his site are just incredible.

Have a good day everyone. Keep dry!!


Bunny said...

I am sew jealous. You will sew enjoy your new toy. Can't wait till you have it all set up. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I think that B-line looks familiar. Good luck with her. Be gentle and kind! Enjoy.