Monday, August 4, 2008

Green Grass!

The time has flown,somehow we are in August. The ads are in the papers and on T.V. featuring back to school specials. My mind is still back in

The lads are not fading away. They have a huge pasture beyond the fenceline you see in the background. Every year this area close to the barn is burnt to a crisp in mid July never mind August. Look at it..looks like we live in Ireland. Last year we had to feed them some hay to keep them going it was so dry. Wow!!

I just have to do some hand sewing on the baby panel and that is done. Last week I got started on cutting the pattern pc's apart for the Vogue jacket a group of us are making this fall. Can't wait to get that going. Next week I want to start cutting fabric so I am ahead of the game. Sept. is going to come very fast I lost most of

The B-Line frame is going to have to wait for awhile to be set up. To many things going on around here. Lets face it..that is a fall/winter project. Just have to be patient. At least I have it..and it is not going anywhere. There will be time later on.

The traffic has been heavy in our tourist area. Lots of people up enjoying the weather. Today has been great so I think a lot of people stayed up to the last minute. Can't blame them. Lovely day today.


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Wendy Watson said...

I love your blog. Pictures and writings are ggreat. I am definitely inspired to consider creating one for myself...if I can figure what it should be about! See you at craft Tuesday.