Monday, July 21, 2008

Yippee..B-Line Quilt Frame

Last week I saw an ad for a B-Line Quilt Frame for sale. Boy was I lucky it was summer and a lot of quilters are out enjoying the warm One phone call and I new it was for me. The good news is that the frame is close to where I live so I am heading off with a friend Wed. to pick it up. There is not enough room for it in my sewing room so it will have to go at one end of the livingroom when I am using it. My sanity I am sure is going to be tested trying to learn this way of quilting. My Mega Quilter will fit the frame so I am ready to go. Hey it is a long winter so I am sure I will have the

Horse pictures coming tomorrow. My Granddaughters were here for the week and had a great time riding. Between the kittens at the barn and the horses it was not much of a job looking after

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Delighted Hands said...

I have a mega quilter and frame and just love what it has unleashed in my quilting skills! Have fun!