Saturday, July 12, 2008

Love of Horses & Drapes

This is one of my favourite pictures. My granddaughter loves Bill..and as you can see the feeling is mutual. There is a reason for the saying "Gentle Giants". Max ( Bill's team mate) is not as into the show of he is not taking part in this photo Next week we have our daughter and the 2 girls coming to stay for a few days. The first place the girls will want to go is to the barn to see all there friends.

In the title I mentioned drapes. They are my least favourite part of sewing. In fact I HATE DRAPES. Boy does my daughter owe me!!! We pinned them...I brought them home..cut off the excess of all 4 panels..shortened them...BUT.. thank heavens I only basted them before trying them on the rod again. Yup..they were still to long so had to take them down and cut another 1.5 off them. Between the rod not being level..and of course who knows about the floor, well enough said. Big thing is they are DONE..FINISHED..and being delivered tomorrow. Now back to quilting.

Have a great weekend everyone. Looks like it is going be to wet one.

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THe Quiltwhinny said...

What a beautiful picture of your Clyde and grandaughter!

From a fellow horse lover,

The Quiltwhinny