Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hay Season..and Rain!!

This is a picture of last year!! This year forget it.
We are very fortunate to have enough hay for another winter because this year..the rains will not give us a break. Other years we have had the hay in before the kids get out of school at the end of June. This year..all over our area farmers are trying for a 3 day pattern of NO RAIN. That is not happening!! Cattle are not as fussy..but horses..well that is different. I am afraid we are going to see lots of mold this year in the hay bales. It is going to be a long winter no matter what happens for a lot of horse owners. Not all can be as fortunate as we are to have enough hay on hand or have only a few horses to worry about. (It is ok..I worry about mine like we had at least

Here is the link to the wallhanging I am working on right now. It will look great hanging in my sewing room.
Lots of cutting..and if they don't include a colour chart..just write or call there 800 line and they will send it out or email it to you. My kit did not have it included..( a manufacture error)and when called they were just amazing. They could not have been more helpful. Just love the instructions..fantastic fabric to work with.

Back to my room. Enjoy the day!

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