Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini Horses

Just had to post a picture of my little friends that live across the road from our home. Are they not the cutest. It is all I can do not to buy one. Really don't you think that would make more sense than the Highland Next visit I will try and get some pictures of the foals..oh my are they ever sweet.

This is my Fav...just love this ones colors..and that face..awwww!!!

Now for the 9 patch brown quilt. Not a quilt I am in love with. I thought it would be ok for hubby's truck..manish and all that but when I got sewing it..good!! Can you believe it.!!! Sure enough the lights where I bought the fabric did not show it as pinky just beige. I put a choc. brown border on it which did help..but not Well not a happy camper but it is ready to be quilted. No matter who I asked..saw that darn pink so it will just have to go into the stash of quilts. Fuzzy likes it..silly cat just follows me around. He is a real character.

Well off to do some gardening..have a great day.

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