Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend of Rain!

Well I guess the rain will clean things up..but there is so much yard work to do. Rod spent a busy time on everything outdoors until the dreaded down pour started. The dump run was a wet finally happened. The garage and basement have a lot more room in it. Only 2 items went back into the basement. Pretty good considering all the "stuff" that came out of it last weekend. Thanks to all our friends. Your help made it all happen. The job is completed for another season.

There was a mad scramble into my sewing studio on Sat. when the words Horse SHOW on Sunday were said..oh my!! Only had the job of putting the name of Brooke's horse Savannah on a saddle pad and lead shank for 2 months..yikes. What was I Not a big job..and it is done. Will I EVER learn!!

The kittens are 6 weeks old today..and just a tad I was so tempted to bring a pair home for the day ..but I was good. Another 2 weeks and some will be heading off to there forever homes. Tomorrow I am going to let them out of the tack room to play in the barn. With all the doors closed they will be fine playing in the alley way...Now that will be cute to watch. Now you know what I will be doing tomorrow.

Heavy traffic with it being a long weekend here in Ontario. Not a weekend to go far. Have a great weekend everyone. Keep safe!!

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