Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cleaning the basement after a spring flood it helps that our street is having a yard sale. When the snow was melting and everything was a total mess outside..of course the basement had a flood as well. Now it is a "basement" but it still creates a lot of clean up work when this happens. The wonderful people that decide who gets there ditch along the Hwy. cleaned out (which is right in front of our house) keep telling me we are not on there "list". The last time they did this cleaning..we had a dry basement for several springs. I keep saying to them..but your compromising my foundation...falls on deaf ears. Drives me crazy...especially as I am the one to clean it all up..and deal with the molds that I am paranoid about. In any case..Sat is the yard sale. We have like so many families accumulated so many duplicates of furniture..ect...or called Junk!!! It will take more than one sale to deal with this but it is a start..then we can make a dump run...that I love. Tomorrow morning I am going to get some fans..and see if that helps the situation down there. Don't even care if I make any money..just want it outta there.
Now I have had my rant I will head to the shower. Tomorrow is another day. Sewing..what is I did find some cool fabric in some bins down everyone!!!

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AllyJo said...

I'm sorry about your basement mess. I've never lived in a house with a basement, but my sister-in-laws basement flooded so many times, their insurance cancelled them. Yikes.