Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pets & Cleaning

First of all thanks to Allyjo for her post. We have had issues with the like you insurance. No point!!
Hey it is about your Mufasa kitten..check out my Marmalade..I think they are And..oh my I read some of your postings..7 Min. frosting. That has been my fav for years. Your the first person I have heard mention it in so many years. Way to go Allyjo!! I hope you can keep busy with the family away..big change isn't it.

Kally & Fuzzy in play mode..but always willing to have a picture taken. What a pair. Fuzzy is convinced he is a dog.

Back to the yard sale. It was a great success. I was just to busy to take pictures. People started at 7a.m. and kept coming til around 7p.m. Was in bed and asleep 8p.m. Got rid of a pile of "stuff" now to do the dump run this weekend. Fans are in the basement along with a dehumidifier and finally I can see an end to this story. All in all people..we ALL have way to much "stuff". Oh except for

Time to head back to my cleaning..and maybe even some sewing this afternoon.

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AllyJo said...

I love 7 minute frosting too. It makes me feel close to my grandma.

Woah. Our cats are almost twins. And I used to have a black and white cat exactly like that. Her name was Cicek (pronounced Cheecheck) which is Turkish for flower. AND, I used to have a black lab too.

I must confess, I've never owned a horse. But I did live in Ontario when I was a child. :)

I'm about to start a job at a quilt store because all the Canadian snow birds who work there have gone home for the summer. They needed local help.


Kind regards,