Friday, October 1, 2010

Awesome Time of Year

How can anyone not love this time of year. These pictures were taken on our back road past our place. These lovely old trees make it my favorite road. My Granddaughters call it the forest road. When coming to visit they always wanted to come the forest way instead of going around the other way using the hwy. Can't blame them!!!

The leaves are falling fast, one more good storm and that will be it. I am so happy I got some time to wander back to my spot and get some pictures before the show is all over for another year. There were deer crossing the road up further but I did not manage to get that picture. Oh well maybe next year.

Have a great weekend!!


Bunny said...

Beautiful photos I love the colour of the trees. Yes enjoy the view before the snow comes. Winter is not my favourite time of year.

Jackie said...

Judi, you get such beautiful fall color - something we don't experience at all where I am. Love it!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful colors! We won't see colors like this until December!