Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comments..and Sewing!

I noticed on my side bar that it is showing so many wonderful areas/countries that are the homes to some great bloggers. I would love to hear from you..thanks for dropping in but please if you can slow down and leave a comment. I would love to hear more about you and be able to visit your blog. I know it is a pain to do when our lives are so busy..but it sure would be appreciated. It is so fun to look at the world map and see just where all my visitors are from. Oh my!! In any case thank you so much for dropping in even if you are to busy to comment.

My blog title says Stiches & Hooves..well I am sorry I have not shown a lot of stiches lately. I am still having trouble with my eyes so it has taken me some time to adjust to not sewing "perfect" seams and corners. Slowly I am venturing back to my wonderful hobby. I am just having to let some things "go". I am so lucky to have my #1 horses. They have helped me cope with this change in my life. I am very lucky!!

So here is a table runner I just finished. It was during this class I realized just how bad my eyes were. It is a Serger Class I took..lots of fun and did learn a lot. Yippee..something is finished. Now on to more UFO's that are waiting for me.

Still working on my Mariner's Compass is a queen size so it will be awhile. I started this quilt many years ago..and it is going to get done before my eyes get any worse. I would say I am 1/2 way into this quilt so will post some pictures soon.

Well off to the barn!! Have a great evening.


Jackie said...

I've very partial to red and I love your table runner!

I know about the vision thing. We're trying to get my contact prescription figured out. I may end up back in glasses as I see the best with them.

Linda said...

Love your red table runner.
You mentioned you used your serger? Mine sits in a box waiting for a new owner.
talk to you soon.

Delighted Hands said...

Glad you put some stitches in the post :') --the table runner is very pretty-good job using the serger. I have use it for garment construction but don't always remember to use it for quilting, too! Hope your eyes last for a good l o n g time!

Bunny said...

Love your table runner. Nice that you could get back and do some stitching. I know how much you love your hobby.