Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids & Horses

Our oldest granddaughter loves to come out and play with Murphy. Does not really matter if it is a wash or a ride..he loves it and so does she. Not many more washes with the weather changing. Another thing that is on my list if we win the lottery. inside wash bay and some Murphy has a great life. Between our gal riding him and a good friend riding him he gets lots of attention. Lets face it I sure don't ignore him either.

Last nite we had a STORM..OMG... I don't think I got 2 hours sleep so needless to say I am just DONE!! Every time I started to fall back to sleep the darn storm was back. The warnings started around 8:30pm that the winds could hit around the 90k..that got my attention. Guess what, it sure sounded like it did. There were times I thought the little house was going to fly away off into the The reports are that over 20,000 in the area are without hydro. Indeed it was some storm. Not snow I keep reminding myself!!! YET!!

We have started a wonderful quilt pattern with our group from Burnt River. The first group met last Tuesday and what an amazing range of colors are being used. I can not wait to see all the quilt tops finished. The fabrics are just awesome!! There are 19 gals registered for the classes. Because of this we are in 2 groups one week apart. Can't wait to see what the gals have chosen for there fabrics next week. Kim Bolender from Haliburton is our teacher. Kim always takes her time to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable with there assignment for that month. A wonderful teacher. I will try and get some pictures for you as we work along on our quilts.

Time to crash..hope everyone had a great day.

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Delighted Hands said...

Hope you get to recoup some sleep today-but I am jealous of the storm-I sure do love them! The horse and grand daughter go together just right...