Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Stuff

The ceilings are done. What a much better and worth all the hard work. The painting had to be put on hold so my hands could recover. Lots of hard work and they were extremely sore. This week I got back at it and am almost finished the main rooms. There are a lot of repairs to be done in the bedrooms so they are going to have to be painted again. The trim at the ceiling level were painted on over the years so when the trim came down also came the damage to the walls.
I do thanks some wonderful friends that have helped with this project.

Our youngest granddaughter has made a pet of a chipmunk..the entire family are having a great time with this little guy. He now sits on the ledge of the livingroom window waiting for some movement..and insists it is time to be fed. Lol..this could prove to be a problem in the they are having fun now.

The village that the kids live in has a cemetary close to them that they enjoy walking in. During one of there family walks..check out what they saw...No idea where it came from or where it went to. I gather it has been all over town surprizing people with its present..and of course its beauty. So far no one has come forward to say they have lost a Peacock. Isn't it just gorgeous..the colors..Oh MY!!

Time to head to the barn. Lots of rain finally so not the worries about the horses. They are enjoying there pasture time. You can almost see the grass growing.

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Delighted Hands said...

Fun country livin' stuff-love the chipmunk pet!