Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Give Up!!

Sanity needs to return to my life over this camera charger deal. $79.99 plus tax plus shipping. DAH!! So I went and bought a cheap camera of the same make with the same charger as Worked out to almost the same price..and I have another camera. May not be as nice as my good one..but it will do and I have a Just wait..the other charger will now show up..but who cares..enough wasted time over this.

Yesterday we spent time at the barn moving things around in the tack room so we could mount some saddle racks for the new people/horses tack. Our huge harness for the Clydes in one corner and the little saddles in the It is going to work out great. The mares are settling in well. Can't wait to see what they are like in a month or so..they will be fine.

I was pretty sore and tired last nite..but you have to keep moving with arthritis. The rain we have had has not helped the way I have been feeling but it is what it is. I go in this week to have my eyes checked again so praying there are no further changes.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Bunny said...

Oh you are too smart another camera LOL.

Delighted Hands said...

Isn't frustrating?! Glad you gave in and bought another one! Hope the arthritis lets up soon...