Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Mess!!

This is what has been going on at our place. Drywall dust everywhere..and I know some of you know what a mess that can be to live with. The cats have been locked up during the day while this has been going on in the living/diningroom. They were not happy. Kally I kept moving around with me. Now the entrance and 2 bedrooms are being done. There was a grass cloth over panelling to strip.

That went along great until I found a mural under the window wall. OMGoodness..what a deal that has been. With the help of friends we got it off. Rod suggested replacing the panels with drywall but NO..enough!!! The paint looks great and I can not live with more dust. Maybe down the road..but I am in no hurry!!! One more day should have the wallpaper off. We have to move some pine cupboards that weigh a lot even empty so that is the next deal. 3/4 done with the painting in the kitchen/diningroom..yippee!!!!

Looking to find some new ceiling fixtures.

I am not sure when or if I am EVER going to find Emptying a sewing room is not a good Back to my painting..Enjoy the day. Going to be a nice sunny day here.


Delighted Hands said...

Yes, it is awful in the middle of it all but will be so worth it! (Tell me this is so in a few weeks cuz I will be tearing mine apart this Fall!)

Bunny said...

Just keep thinking it is going to be beautiful and then I will come for a visit and we can crack open a large bottle of wine. Hugs

Beverly said...

Just think how organized you will be when you put everything back in its place!!!

Enjoy the sunny weather. We are soon to have a bit of sun here, too. We've had a long stretch of rain here! I am feeling a bit soggy!!

Jackie said...

Home improvements of any kind are hard to live through. I hope yours goes quickly, finishes on time, and is on budget! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you stopped by my blog!! I think yours is great.....
What a huge make-over you took on!! Can't wait to see the results.
Have a Wonderful Day!!