Monday, December 8, 2008

Tack Tote

The girls are always trying to juggle there tack for the barn using plastic bags ect. So this tote may help. Just finished this tote for Kennedy, also did one for her sister..but they are the same so one picture. Not very fancy..did a zipper on one side and 2 small pockets on the other side. The inside is plain ..that is where the boots gloves..ect. go. Needless to say this tote is not going to be clean for long. Used denim for easy laundering.

Our Christmas is this weekend. Thanks to another blunder by Sears I am desperate for a delivery this Wed. I placed the order way back on the is lost so now have placed another hopefully one of them turn up. 90% of the gifts for one of the girls is in that order..Geesh why do I do this to myself. You would think I would learn.

This cold weather can leave..oh my. The lads were in all yesterday and today. Got them out for an hour while I got some chores done..but they were happy to come back in when the doors opened. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up..but along with that..more snow. Oh well it is winter in what else would you

Yesterday I took a break from sewing and watched the movie Home Alone. It is just hilarious. Love a good classic movie. Christmas movies will get you in the mood if nothing else does. Now to watch Christmas Vacation. That movie makes you realize an artifical tree is a good

Back to my room..enjoy the day.

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Delighted Hands said...

The tote is perfect! Don't talk to me about lost orders--I don 90% of my shopping on-line, too!