Monday, December 1, 2008

Horses, Sewing & Christmas

I got a call while enjoying a quiet time in my sewing room..we are taking the horses you want to take some pictures. Well..this shows how much my love of horses Leave a nice dry warm sewing room..and take pictures ..YOU BET!!These gorgeous lads belong to our neighbor Steve. Rod just loves heading out to help him with the sleighs. They managed to take 2 teams out before it got to to wet.In any case I got some wonderful shots. This is going to be a long snowy winter the way it is going.

Finished embroiderying the work shirts and now on to some Christmas sewing/embroidery. Having fun getting used to the Sapphire. First thing I did was get the Bendable Bright Light disk put on that machine as well. I have no idea how I sewed without this wonderful gadget. Sewing with dark colours is not an issue anymore. Yes it is more expensive than you would think for a tiny gadget like that..but way more important than any light I have in my sewing room.

My B-Line Frame is up..the machine ready to to wait for one more little part and I am ready to go. I got the Quilter's Cruise Control but have to get different optical encoders. It is sitting at one end of the there it stays. Christmas will just have to go on around it. Waited far to long to take it down for the Season.

Off to feed the lads. Enjoy the day.


Delighted Hands said...

What a nice change from just a month ago! The sleigh pic is beautiful!

Marcia said...

Oh my Gosh Judi..the pics are great...I never went on a sleigh ride...that is one thing I always wanted to do. So glad to hear your still sewing, wish you lived closer so you could teach me!!!