Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrating The Season

What a great time we had last weekend. It was our family Christmas. With everyone travelling to different family members and our kids going away we settled on last weekend for our celebration.
The hit again was anything that would All sizes of helicopters circled the livingroom with the addition of a flying Tinker Bell of all Poor Fuzzy cat was beside himself. He is still sleeping!!
Now I have a short time before the 25th to finish up my shopping for the official day. Just a few coming so no stress, just a great time. We had our turkey so this will be a Thai meal. Rod loves to cook so why would I argue with

Now back to sewing. I am not sure which way to My new machine is waiting to be played with..then there is my quilt frame. To Be Quilting (B-Line Frame) were wonderful in exchanging some parts I needed to get my machine working on the frame. That came in the mail yesterday.

Oh I didn't mention I had to return my Sapphire. Just loved it but had a terrible time seeing the front of the machine where the buttons are. I have trouble with my eyes..and the navy blue front was just impossible. Well in talking to my dealer she mentioned she had a Designer SE Limited Edition that was just traded in. My luck in another gal deciding to trade up. Bonus in getting this machine as a second machine in that now I have two embroidery units if needed. I am sorry to not have the extra throat space but other than going to the Topaz there was no choice. As much as I liked the Topaz it just did not have all the wonderful features of the SE. So that was my Christmas present upgrading to this wonderful machine. I am a very lucky gal. What a wonderful husband I have.

Back to some sewing..enjoy the snow!! Lots more coming. Going to be a White Christmas in Ontario for sure.

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Delighted Hands said...

I have a Designer SE-not even tempted to upgrade; why when you have the best?! Have fun exploring this wonderful machine!