Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Can Borrow Cows

Will try this again..grrr. Had my last post all ready to go and managed to wipe it out. Not my day so trying again.

Check out the horns..oh my. These are Scottish Highland Cattle. Cool lookin dude isn't he. There are 3 of them in the field. The cows are easier to see there long hair with them being a lighter color. What a mop of hair over there eyes. Makes you wonder how they can see where they are going. We needed the front pasture eaten down so we asked a neighbor if we could borrow these The horses and even the cats..are totally fascinated. Bill keeps starring ..and all but asks..what the heck..lady is THAT??? Hubby is threatening to put up a sign..DIAMOND JUDE'S CATTLE RANCH>>> Not to worry these visitors are not staying long. Boy do they attract flies..ugh!!!

Heading off to do some shopping..then back to some quilting. Have a great day!

1 comment:

Bunny said...

Oh I love these guys, great hair or coat and it looks like they are eating their way around.