Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tired Of The Winter Wonderland

This Winter has been great forr taking pictures 
I have to say even I have had enough. 

Even the horses have had 

Max and Bill for the first winter have been wearing blankets. 
They are getting older so they need the extra warmth. 

Many days have been spent inside the barn with high winds and cold temps combined. 
Bill never minds having some extra

Last month another Birthday!! How did that year go so fast??
Family and friends made it a special day. 

This past year has been hard so lets hope for a positive 2014. 

Our Harry pup has helped make the winter easier with his wonderful ways of making us laugh. 

This one is..
We are watching T.V. Mom..
leave us 
He and Rod seem happy

Off to take Harry for his evening walk. 
Keep warm/dry. It is not over yet!

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Jackie said...

I think this is a winter where we've all needed an extra blanket! Even in Florida it's been colder than normal. I don't know how you handle the super frigid weather other than staying inside. I know you don't do that because you have animals who need you!

Love how Harry is sitting on your husband's lap. It's like he doesn't realize he isn't a little puppy any more!