Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dusty Miller

One Very Special Cat


He and his sister Tippy were born at the barn. 

Today is Dusty's Day

This is where he loves to spend his time. 
He can watch all the paddocks and keep track of who comes into HIS yard. 

As you can see this is a Stack Wall Barn. 
That is yet another post. 

Dusty has a love for my husband Rod. He loves me but he loves and adores hubby. 

This is a game he has made up when he and Rod are sitting in the barn having a visit. 

Dusty is not happy until the hat is up and finally
Today he was on my lap and constantly looking at my head as if ..hey lady where is your

What a sweet fella. 
Between he and his sister there are no mice so 
they do earn there keep. 

We do have several Barn Swollows nesting in the barn. 
I managed to get these pictures of the young ones. 
Every year they come back. We just love them. 
So sweet!!

The cats have killed one but that is it. 
Thank heavens. 
They flit and swoop around the barn and ever hit us..amazes me how there internal radar works. 

So it is not all about
Dusty and Tippy are a huge part of our barn life. 

Hot and Humid still here in Ontario..not pleased. 
Next week the kids go back to school and the temperatures are returning to normal. 

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