Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wild Few Months

Hopefully Back

Rod (hubbyt very sick with 

Septicemia (or more commonly known as Blood Poisoning. 

For months he had not been feeling well . Many visits to the Dr. and blood work done.
NO Answers

For  Thanksgiving in Canada we decided to visit our friends in Ocala,Florida.
Hubby came home mid week still not well so wanted to rest for the drive down.
Hey nothing showed up so may as well go and hope after a rest he would feel better. 

Well just the opposite. As soon as he relaxed down he went. 
I could not keep him awake. 
Our amazing friends and there concern was what kept me going. 

Will post pictures of our trip later!

Finally time to return home and what a trip. 
For those that are regular here know I am blind. 
So I was no help with the driving. 
We some how made it home. 

Skip a week because why go to the Dr. because nothing ever shows up. Rod kept saying maybe I am to old to work anymore.

So he comes home from work..totally exhausted after one short run in the truck. 

WHAT IS WRONG!! He is only 69!!
Before his surgery he used to walk 5km with no effort. 

We are doing chores at the barn..he turns white and says gotta go home. Long to short I called 911...enough. 

Blood work done..he has  the basic. Then I called the nurse and said he is sweating take his temp again...sure enough low they called for a culture. Discharged..can't find anything other than maybe he has Mono..NOT!!!

Next morning an urgent call from the hospital..get here fast!! Mrs. Bell your husbad is extremely ill. After 5 Dr.'s say this I got the message..I am blind not deaf!!!

They asked him if he wanted to sign a DNR but no he said your best..I want to stick around. 

They did..Awesome CARE!!

Rod came within 24 rs of not making it. 

Because of arthritis and taking Tylenol for his pain..the fever NEVER showed up before for the Dr.'s to think of doing a culture. Not there fault. 

We are so lucky the fever showed up that evening. 

So 10 days in the hospital which could have been 6 weeks but a change in meds because of a reaction made it possible for him to come home with a pick line in and a nurse coming to the house every 3rd day. 


Well he has lost some hearing and the new heart valve is being looked at again tomorrow. Issues are there but what to do who knows.  Time will tell!!
The Dr.'s are saying recovery will be up to 6-12 months. 

We take it all one day at a time. 

The horses have been a blessing to get us out and playing with them even for a few minutes. Finally now he can go up and clean a little and get the muscles and strength back. 

Harry Dog...OMGosh 
He saved the day so many times with his puppy ways.

So I am back. I am praying for a better 2014. It has been 3 years of health issues for Rod and he truly needs a break. He has never been in a hospital until all this started 3 years ago with the lung cancer scare. ..then the heart surgery then this episode. 

Pictures I have gathered later. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. It sure is an incredible winter. 

That is most of my update for

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Bunny said...

Thank goodness he is on the mend. It's been a pretty scary time for you both. Hope he gets good news from doctors. My prayers are with you both.
Hugs bunny