Monday, August 12, 2013

The Kawartha Spirit Boat Cruise From Fenelon Falls, Ontario

What a fantastic evening.

We left at 6:30 p.m. on the Kawartha Spirit for a 3 hour cruise.

 Leaving Fenelon Falls (below the locks) the boat followed the Trent Canal system out into Sturgeon Lake. This particular cruise also included a roast beef dinner. 
(very nice meal)

Check out the rock cuts going out into the lake. 
In spots it is over 70 ft. deep!!

As you go cottages appear with boat houses of all ages and design. 

Due to my eyes I did not wander to far from my area. My balance is way off on land never mind on a
my pictures are from the one side

The shore line starts to change as we get closer to the entrance to the lake.

Then out into Sturgeon Lake.

Have you noticed the clean water?
Isn't it wonderful!!

Another time I will put up some maps and explain part of the reason for this wonderful clean water. 

Cottages all along the shoreline but still not  as many  as some lakes. 


One of the older style boat houses. 
I wish the light had been little better but you get the idea. 

Again another time I will get some land pictures that show off the area. 

It has been years since Rod and I have had a chance to get out on this wonderful  breathtaking historic lake. It has so many stories. 

Now for the sad news. We were on the last dinner cruise the 

Kawartha Spirit 

will go on from Fenelon Falls. 

They are moving to another location. On a lake where they will not have to deal with the politics of the Trent Canal System. 

What a huge loss for our community .
We will follow them and go for a cruise with them from there new home. 

The owner and staff were wonderful. What a surprise to find I knew some of them. 

I wish them all well and I am SO Sorry to see them leave. 

I know a group was formed last winter to try and  keep the Kawartha Spirit here along with trying to stop some of the new policies. I thank those that worked so hard. 

So..for $50 each we had a fantastic evening. Check out what you can spend on junk food and tell me that is to expensive. 

We don't go out very often so this was a great break from our routine. 

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