Monday, January 14, 2013

January Thaw

Yes it has been foggy and wet.
The temperatures kept climbing and with that came the rain, wind and fog. 

What a mixture. 

This morning that all changed with the temperature falling just cold enough to make everything nice and slippery. 

In the next few days it is going to snow and make everything look like a winter wonderland  again. That part I do love. In a perfect world for me now that Christmas is over spring is welcome..don't think that will happen. So lets just get at it and have SNOW!

Just before it warmed up I got this picture from inside the barn. 

Kind of artsy don't you 

That is Gilly  the dear old Welsh pony you can see just outside the window. Imagine all that snow is gone now.

Harry..yup old wet head!!

With  hubby back on the road Harry feels he should make every minute count when he is home as in sticking his head into the shower to make sure all is going
It is a game he just loves. I don't!!!

Mind you it is

 I try not to get to upset with water

The weather changes have not agreed with my body so I am happy to say next week I get to go and see another specialist about my arthritis. Not sure that will go well as so many drugs cause the blood to thin which means I can't take it. 

So  off on Wed. for some more blood work and will see what the Dr. has to say when I see him. I have a rare disease called PXE which unfortunately I know more about than most Dr.'s . This always leads to some interesting conversations. The last thing I need is more trouble with my eyes due to a change in medication that causes a bleed!!

If nothing else at least these appointments get me out of the Thank heavens for Community Care..They got drivers arranged for me. 

Keep warm winter is returning..ya!! rain please!

Judi B. 


Delighted Hands said...

So good to hear how you are doing! The pic from inside the barn is very work! Hope the appointments go well.

Linda said...

Hi Judy.. Glad to hear that hubby is better and back on the road...
I think.. Are you able to manage without him??
Sorry it's been awhile...
Thanks for the updates, always thinking about you...but we lead such hectic lives.

Bunny said...

Wish I lived closer. Happy hubby is happy LOL.