Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids & Horses

Kids and horses go together!

I got a wonderful call from a Grandmother. 
She wanted to know if I had time to introduce her 4 year old Granddaughter to horses. 
Never to busy to start a little gal off on her first horse experience. 
What a sweet little gal. 
I thought the cats may be of some interest but no it was the horses that she loved to see. 

So the next few years will be interesting to see if she wants to learn to ride. 
Such a cute age!

Still work to be done at the barn. 
Hay is in but still clean up. 
Does it ever

Enjoy the cooler weather!

(I am going to try again to save this Blog)

Thanks to Bunny for the help in getting a new header up. 

It is a start!!


Bunny said...

Looks good happy I could help.
Hugs Bunny

Beverly Frankeny said...

Hi Judi....just stopping by to check in on you. Always love seeing pics of your horses...your mini is so similar to my Red!! Hope all is well.
Have a great weekend!!