Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Weeks..Ugh!!

I have been missing for awhile...I know!!!

Well it all started with our boarders Quarter Horse putting his leg through the steel gate. His back leg slipped on the ice while his leg was caught in the gate. I was by myself. He is not a calm horse so I was not a happy camper when I came upon this scene. I have a wooden I tapped his front leg..and keep saying his name..and he finally pulled it out before going to the ground. It was an effort to get him to his stall..he hobbled and limped the entire way. I knew he had damaged himself but how badly I was not sure. Called his owneer and started pain meds. In the morning he was a mess. More TLC and if you can believe it..he is ok after 3 weeks. Just bruising!!!! He is SO lucky. Big thing is..I am not so sure he learned anything from the Darn horse aged me!!

Then..her other horse must have been playing around with the other horses and fell and had a huge hematoma on her side and hip!!! Good grief..both of them in a week. Called the vet and had her checked out and she is fine!! Messy but fine. Most of the swelling is gone. This horse is such a sweet thing!! She has the biggest brownest eyes you can sink into just looking at her. Her biggest love is her young owner the daughter of our boarder. That horse adores this is something to see.

We have lovely new doors on the side of the barn and the big front door is new. I love them..just awesome. With age doors become an One handed opening is a dream. I love If it is possible to love
But!!!! During the building I never thought that "Fat Cat" our rescue from the Human Society would react the way she did..she hide..or left for awhile.Well Poor thing I called and called. Fatty does not like noise or other people at the barn other than me. She thinks of the barn as hers and mine and there is no need for anyone else to be around at all. The week I have been pretty sad because with all the calling no Fatty Cat!! I thought maybe the coyotes had gotten her or maybe her health had finally gotten to her. (If you saw her you would know something is wrong..she is oddly built..probably why someone dumped her years ago). Anyway last nite after all was finished with evening chores I went back to the barn..and quietly called her. The barn was very quiet with the horses eating being the only noise. I just called in a very quiet voice Fatty girl..come on baby girl..and I heard the little call back and a thump down from the hay in the mow upstairs. She looked down at me talking away. She would not come down the ladder no matter what I did so I went up slowly with food and water. Poor little girl was so hungry. I wish she could tell me what had happened and where she has been. What a relief. When I go up to do chores this morning I hope she is still there and will let me havea closer look at her to make sure she is ok. This is when you wish our pets could talk..I know she has a story. Her little life has had way to many sad stories, I am just glad she is safe in her barn again. BTW..she has been with us for over 5 years and has never left the barn other than to walk around the outside walls staying very close to the building. I can pet her but not catch her to pick her up..even after all these years.

So that has been the barn stories. Personally life still has its challenges but as long as my pets are ok..I am ok!!! Lets hope the drama is over for awhile at the barn.

Keep warm and safe everyone. Snow coming our way today. What an odd winter!!!

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Linda said...

Good to hear from you.
That must have been some weeks
for you. I'm not that good around horses, but you sure know what to do.
take care