Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Desk!

I DID IT..managed to load the picture..not sure why I had trouble before..but in edit.I managed to load the picture....love it!!

I have no idea what I have done..or if it is blogger but I can't post pictures. When I click on the picture icon it won't open up the folder with my pictures. Anyone have any idea what is wrong?

On Sunday I was wandering around Kiiji which is like Ebay and found an Oak Roll Top desk..OMG!! They are so expensive and I have wanted one for years. That kind of money needless to say I could always find a home for in other places. Horses..dog..cat..vet..redecorating..appliance..whatever. Well this price had me calling the people. Just like that I said I will buy it having not even seen it. Yesterday morning it arrived. The nice man said he would deliver it. It is in perfect shape..just what I have always wanted for height and over all size. I am one very happy girl. Being solid Oak it weighs a ton so it sure is not moving period..lol.

When the download feature finally works I will post a picture..grr!! How annoying when I have found such a great desk.

One of the horses hurt himself on a gate as I was bringing them in last nite so off to the barn to see just how sore the poor lad is this morning.

Enjoy the day!!!


Marilyn said...

I am looking for a couple of older dressers to revamp. I refuse to pay the prices they want for new & the workmanship is a bit questionable too!! So I will haunt the flea markets & auctions this summer.
Have a Peaceful Day!

Bunny said...

It is a great find he he I did see the photo.

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful-nice find. Hope the horse is just fine!