Saturday, October 17, 2009

This & That

Today was another awesome fall day. Our fall leaves are more gold than anything else. From what everyone is to much rain..not enough hot or to cold. It is what it Who can figure it all out. Lots of windy days so the leaves are coming down pretty fast. Next week we are supposed to be going up to double digits..yippee.

Hubby asked me for his snow clothes for the truck so he will be ready for that white stuff we know is coming. Lots of it around us..but so far we have been lucky. It is also time for me to get out my fashion forward Oh my they are just not flattering no matter what you do but I can't imagine not wearing Then of course it is the rubber boots..ugh!!

Last week I got my little car serviced. The snows tires are good for another winter so they are installed and ready. Can't believe I am actually ahead of the game for once in my This is also a wake up call..time to get some Christmas Sewing Started..!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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