Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Sunrise

Now can you imagine waking up to this awesome sky. What incedible colors over the lake.
I never get tired of checking out what is happening out my front window. The variety of birds in the bay are always changing. For the first time this year we even had a pair of swans visit us for a few days. Now that did send me for a spin. I hope they come back again next year so I can get some pictures. Sad to say it will not be long before the lake will be frozen and the winter winds blowing.

Later that same day we got the black clouds and more rain. Better than which I hear has been all around us. You can faintly see the lads coming in to hang out in there leanto. Guess they thought it was worth a try to see if I would bring them in...not!!!

So today I am making our To Do List for the barn winterization. Not to say I have not already done some of the work There is not a lot left to do but there are things that need to be done now not when it is Some new latches that are easier to handle in the winter..some windows that need some work, water buckets that need cleaning and storing. Oh yes and another shipment of shavings for sure. The day is am sure I can make this list nice and long for hubby.


Bunny said...

What a gorgeous photo you do have an amazing view from your home. Yes winter on its way but when the lake is frozen it is still pretty as long as you can sit in your living room with a nice glas of wine and enjoy our four seasons.

Jackie said...

What an amazing sunrise!

Fall has not arrived her and we don't have much of a winter. I think a view of a frozen white lake would be so beautiful!