Thursday, October 22, 2009

Denim Tote & Venting

Tuesday was a great sewing day. Finally finished a small project I have been working on. I got the pattern while at the Quilt Show in Bobcaygeon. Living in the country and having horses..hey I live in a denim tote/purse. It is called the Traveller's Tote and is 12x15. Great design..not to big/small. There is a zipper to keep things safe and lots of pockets both inside and out. I will definetly be making this one over again. I have seen it done with a variety of different fabrics for the base and pockets..which give it an entirely different look. If you want to purchase the pattern go to this website they are the nicest people to deal with. The pictures don't show the bag that well but it gives you an idea of what a fun pattern it is.

Rain today so spent some time in my sewing room organizing. Does a sewing room ever Not need I have way to much "stuff" but I know I will need it all at some point..right?? Good thing we have such a thing as plastic totes for storage..and boy I do have a few...ugh!! Oh well men have there tools I should have stayed in my no I didn't..big mistake!!

I decided to go over my Bell Canada bill ( we have 3 services from them..Phone,TV and Internet..boy can that raise your blood pressure. Every time I take the time to check it out to make sure everything is is NOT. Then I go to the website..and check out the prices and make the phone call asking questions. OH NO that prices is for NEW customers..and further there is another $2 - $3 more on top of the quoted price your asking about it. Then there is the comment oh but you get $5 off for bundling..can't you see that on your bill? I feel so nickle and dimed by this company. I think at the end of it all I have saved a big $5. Why do I fight with them?? I never do win..grrrr!!! I hope at some point in my lifetime I will get to see enough competition out there that our rates will go down. There I feel better now I have


Jackie said...

It's the same here with our cable company. We pay far too much for internet services and cable each month.

Delighted Hands said...

It is tempting to chuck the whole idea of cable but for the internet......

Judi said...

Hi Judi
Your bag is great! I love the style and the colour and its great to have many pockets. Great job on it.

I know it seems that everything in flyers and online look better than what it actually is..its always for somebody else or then not everything is included.

Its hard to make a decision to to stay with...I'm looking at Rogers right now.

have a wonderful day...
Judi (B) and I am a "B" last name too!