Friday, July 26, 2013

Harry Doodle

In one year we have found ourselves the most loving, wonderful, intelligent,sweet, smart dog!!

Our Harry!

Harry came to us like this just over a year ago! 

So small, needing hugs and love!!
So tiny!
He gave us that back ten fold and still is. 

Harry is my light!! He wants to learn. Can't stand to not "do" something. 
So with my limited mobility we train and play. must be kidding!!
OK lady I will try it. 

He now thinks it is "cool" and stands to get it put on. 
What a "Dude"!

This picture was taken on his birthday in April. 

One year old!

In the last month he has learned to find my cell phone for me. 
As many of you know I have low vision. 
What a bonus this smart dog is to my life. 

Slowly he will learn the things that I need help with. 

He will never know it all but what he will know is what he needs to help me. 
We are learning together and what a blast we are having. Still a pup in so many ways. Still a lot of lessons to be learned for both of us.

What a lucky gal I am to have Harry in my life during such a changing time for me. 

We will do this together. We both like to learn!!


Jackie said...

He is adorable!

Bunny said...

So glad you have him. Wish I lived closer.
Hugs Bunny