Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally Christmas Is Complete

Read my post on Jan.12 which will explain this

Do you see you?? That far leg..just fell off when I touched it..a REAL TURKEY should do that! Not like the whatever bird we had on the 25th of Dec. We are thinking now it must have been a wild turkey. The meat was horrible and we all still wanted "turkey" When driving past the farmers field last week there was a huge flock of wild turkeys..need I say any more..LOL.
This bird was awesome. It was 30lb+ and I bought it from our local grocery store. Not taking any chances this time. We invited friends and family to enjoy!! What a great evening. My birthday and our granddaughters are in Feb. so we had cake as well. Lots of laughs about my last attempt at cooking a "turkey". That is ok..we all need to have a few

We had a big melt..and now are back into winter weather. Snow last nite..just a dusting but more to come as the week progresses. It is family day today so Rod doesn't have to head to work until tomorrow morning. He can use the break. Between Nascar starting up for another season and the barn we have kept busy. Did you watch the race on Sunday..OMG..what an ending.

Have a great week everyone!!


Bunny said...

Am so happy you were able to enjoy your turkey. LOL Sure looks good. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Delighted Hands said...

Sometimes you just have to rewrite the story-I love a happy ending!