Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Weekend

Yes..we had to get hay again. That is thing good about all this is that we are not dripping We have had to be creative in getting the hay stored downstairs..but that is also Ok!!

The wind was incredible today. It went up and down all day from around 20km to 60km. A group of snowshoe enthusiast used our entrance to the fields to head back into the bush for a tour. We brought the big boys inside for the afternoon so they would not have to deal with them. After the hay was done hubby and his friend who owns the farm next door went out to make trails for the girls to ride the horses. Between what the snowshoe group did and the work the guys did..they have a great trail to ride tomorrow. Wind is supposed to calm and warmer temps as well..yippee.

After all this we had a wonderful Thai meal. Kitchen is tidy and I am heading to bed..!! Still no sewing...maybe once the weather warms up. These days I seem to be spending most of my time at the How can you not just love a face like this

Have a great weekend all..nite!!

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Delighted Hands said...

I've got to admit, spending time with that face would be worth it!